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I love how you do skin, the values look so right and you know where to put it. Any advice on that? I've been studying/practicing values but the face planes confuse me.

Hi! Thanks:D Skin is so much fun to paint, i love it^^ I dont think i have much advice to give other that studying photo reference and how skin looks in real life. I very often stare at people in all kinds of settings and lighting to learn how skin looks, that helps. And gets me funny looks and akward situations:P Also layering! Building up your form with lots and lots of layers. Maybe a cold`ish underpainting with some warmer shaddows on top. Loose brushstrokes and lots of patience:) If values are your main difficulty i suggest working in black and white for a time, then you wont have to think about colors, only structure. Main thing is practise and observation, though^^ I promise you, it helps.


Oh gosh the way you draw Susan Sto Helit is so perfect! Exactly how I envision her! I saw your art in the discworld tag and had to go to your blog to see more and you're so amazing! You have such a talent, you must have worked very hard! c:

Oh wow thank you so much!!! I love drawing Susan, though i cant seem to decide on a “design” if you know what i mean. I draw her a little different each time, but i like it that way^^ And i love meeting fellow Discworld fans, it`s so nice of you to leave a note<3